What Payday Advance Customers Think About Our Service

What Payday Advance Customers Think About Our Service

19In today’s world, customers’ feedback is the ultimate social proof to validate great (or not-so-great) service by a business.

Being a 100% online-based business, we have no doubts that genuine testimonials – whether they are negative or positive – from our past and present customers are crucial for our reputation. Often, testimonials can help an otherwise indecisive website visitor make up their mind.

That is why we are extremely proud of the fact that we have over 1,500 genuine testimonials from our customers, each and every one of them giving us a foresight into how they reacted to our service. In fact, over the past years we have made a few improvements to our NZ cash loan service based on the feedback we had received.

These are just some of the feedback we have received since 2006:

“Payday Advance saved us! We applied, faxed the documents off and the money was in the bank the next day, to our relief, it really is that easy! We tell our friends about it and will always come back here in those emergency cases” – Shaun H, 14/04/2010

“Payday Advance have been very accommodating in assisting in financial areas where others could not. I am so happy with their prompt manner and having the chance to help within my case. They also gave me the choice to say how long I can pay for it and when it is affordable. Thanks heaps, Payday Advance” – Ruta C, 09/03/2011

“Really impressed with the service provided. Fast, efficient and all done online! Took less than 30 minutes to apply, process and finalise.” – Teresa T, 27/02/2014

We are also the first payday lender in New Zealand to have filmed video testimonials featuring our real customers, which you can find here. There were no scripts or guidelines – we simply asked them what they like about our service and why they had chosen it over all others.

Of course, our testimonials alone may not be enough to convince people: if you have any questions about how we could help you, please call 0800 227 484 to speak to one of our super-friendly, New Zealand-based customer service team members.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.