About Payday Advance

PDA www.paydayadvance.co.nz (Payday Advance) means a branch of Maranello Limited operating under the name of Payday Advance.
We or us means PDA and/or Maranello Limited.

Responsible and transparent lending

We are fully committed to responsible lending and take all reasonable steps to ensure the affordability of each and every loan we approve. We are against over-borrowing and don’t encourage you to take out more than you need. With Payday Advance, there are NO hidden fees and we always show the total amount repayable before you decide to go ahead with your application.

Leaders in NZ Payday Loans since 2008

Payday Advance is one of New Zealand’s most trusted payday lenders with fast and flexible personal loans that will see you through to your next payday. We have already helped thousands of Kiwis take control of their financial shortfalls.

Our valued customers recommend us to their friends and family because of the speed, ease, convenience, transparency and confidentiality of our payday advance service.

Friendly and Understanding

With years of experience behind us, we genuinely understand our customers’ needs. If you are having trouble with the application process we have friendly staff on hand to help you.

Past bad credit is not good but you may still be OK

Credit issues from the past may not prevent you getting a Payday Advance loan. Simply apply and we will evaluate your current financial situation and whether the loan repayments would be affordable. We will take into consideration your past credit issues but usually only if they will affect your ability to meet the affordable repayments. We believe people deserve a second chance, but don’t be offended if we have to decline you. We take our responsible lending obligations seriously.

We do not require security

Your assets are not tied to your loan. If something unexpected happens and you are not able to meet your financial obligations to Payday Advance, your loan is not secured to one of your personal assets – such as your car or house.

Fast and easy application process. Even faster subsequent loans as many of your details are prepopulated

Our intuitive Online Application Process was designed with speed in mind and is very quick and easy to complete. It usually only takes minutes to fill out, all from the comfort of your home, office or even on the go with our mobile site.

Once you’re an existing active Payday Advance customer, applying for your next loan takes even less time – usually there is no need to supply supporting paperwork again. But in some cases a recent copy of your bank statement may be required.

Fast processing

Our experienced Lending Team will process your loan application promptly and efficiently. We endeavour to have a lending decision within an hour of receiving all of your required supporting documentation.

Safe and Secure

Payday Advance is committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure. Our online application forms are secured with the latest encryption technology and our paperwork processes are robust to ensure your information is kept safe at all times.

Government Registered

We support the New Zealand Government requirement for Financial Service Providers to register with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers in order to conduct business in New Zealand. We have registered and our registration number is FSP492626.

The governing legislation is The Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.  There are many consumer benefits that will ensure only registered entities like us can operate in New Zealand, including:

  • You will have access to the electronic register of Financial Service Providers which will help you to be comfortable that the company has passed the Government requirements for registration;
  • You will be confident that the owners have all been screened by Police checks and passed;
  • The act ensures registered companies comply with all international obligations to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism;
    We welcome the new laws and are compliant and registered for your security.