Going Green: How to Save the Earth Whilst Saving Money

Going Green: How to Save the Earth Whilst Saving Money

With the threats of global warming and the catastrophes we have been witnessing, it makes sense to go green. By doing this we are not only saving the earth but we also have a chance to save some money. Here are some tips that you will find useful:

Eat less meat

I know you like meat but cutting down on the amount you eat will not only save you money but also the environment too. This can be done through incorporating a meat-free day in your menu. With such an initiative you will have reduced the amount spent on groceries and also reduced the chances of suffering some diseases and conditions which can be associated with meat consumption.

Avoid food wastage

The amount of food people waste is appalling, you can reduce the amount of food thrown away by shopping carefully so that you avoid buying more than necessary. You can also preserve food and encourage your family to eat the leftovers. With these measures the amount of food wasted will be reduced. This is good for your pocket and the environment too.

Cut down on bottled water

There is a misguided belief that bottled water is clean and sweet. However this is far from the truth. Treated water from the tap is not only safe for drinking but it is also cheaper. Using bottled water not only increases costs but also adds on the amount of waste. Drink tap water, you only need a glass and your daily intake will be reached without spending a cent or piling up empty bottles in your house.

Cut down on fast food

Fast food can be tempting, its cost, convenience, and palatability is alluring. However it takes a toll on our lives. It adds on waste to our houses and in most cases, it isn’t healthy. It’s riddled with more fat and sugar, components that jeopardize our health. Getting rid of it or cutting it down not only reduces the amount of waste but also reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases.

Harvest rain water

Harvested rain water contains no chemicals; use it to water the plants. With this, you are cutting down on the utility bills and limiting the chemicals added on your plants. It is a gain for your pocket and the environment.

Go green, it is good for your pocket and the environment too!



Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.