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“Maranello”, “we” or “us” means Maranello Limited.
“You” means you the person accessing this website and/or communicating with us.
“This website” means www.paydayadvance.co.nz, the website of Maranello Limited.
“Payday Advance” 
is a trading division of Maranello Limited.

By accessing or using any part of this website you consent to these terms and conditions and our Privacy Policy which can be found here.

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We support the New Zealand Government requirement for Financial Service Providers to register with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers in order to conduct business in NZ.

Maranello Limited has registered and our registration number is FSP492626.

The governing legislation is The Financial Service Providers (Registration and Dispute Resolution) Act 2008.
There are many consumer benefits that will ensure only registered entities like Maranello can operate in New Zealand.

  •  You will have access to the electronic register of Financial Service Providers which will help you to be comfortable that the company has passed the Government requirements for registration;
  •  You will be confident that the owners have all been screened by Police checks and passed;

The act ensures registered companies comply with all international obligations to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism;

Maranello welcomes new laws and is compliant and registered for your security.


The products and services described in this website are only available to New Zealand residents who are eighteen years or older. We regret that, at this time, we cannot accept applications for these products and services from persons other than New Zealand residents. Also, the information contained in this website should not be regarded as promoting any product or service other than those offered by us in New Zealand.

The information contained in this website has been prepared under New Zealand law for the supply of these products and services in New Zealand only. We do not accept responsibility for compliance with the laws of any other country. Accordingly, this website, our products and services and related information is not directed at persons in any other country and should not be relied upon by persons in any country other than New Zealand.

This website, these terms and conditions, and any disclaimers are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the law of New Zealand and the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of New Zealand shall apply.


All applications for credit are subject to approval by us (at our sole discretion).


We may provide class financial advice as Maranello Limited is a registered financial service provider, but we do not provide personalised financial advice. You should ensure any products or services or information we provide are suitable for you and you should seek your own legal and/or financial advice in this regard. You should also complete a budget in order to assist your determination of the suitability of any of our products/services and whether you can afford the repayments.

We, our related entities, directors, officers, employees, contractors and consultants to the fullest extent permitted by law:

  • do not represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information on this web site or that such information is suitable for your intended use;
  • exclude all responsibility and liability in relation to this website and any errors, omissions or misrepresentation of this website or information provided by us; and
  • accept no liability (of any type) in relation to or arising from your use or intended use of this website, our products and/or services and/or information.

While Maranello has taken every care to ensure that the information contained on this website is complete and accurate, it does not represent or warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information on this website or that this information is suitable for your intended use. Maranello accepts no responsibility or liability arising from or in connection with your use of this website and the information contained on it.

No information on this website is intended to constitute an offer to enter into any transaction or relationship, the promotion of any product or service other than those offered by us in New Zealand, or to provide the basis of any credit.

This website is governed by, and is to be interpreted consistently with, New Zealand law.


All online applications are subject to verification of information. If it is shown that information has been falsified, then Maranello may, at its discretion refer your application to the appropriate authorities.



We hold all copyright and other intellectual property rights in this website, forms and loan documents except as provided in this disclaimer. You may electronically reproduce and store the contents of this website solely for the purposes of viewing this website, or saving website content, for your own personal use. You may not display or distribute the content of any of these pages in public or where the content is accessible to the public, including any reproduction in any form on the internet, without permission from us.


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Hypertext links which we provide on this website to other internet resources are not investigated or monitored by us. Accordingly, the content, timeliness, opinions and hypertext links found on internet resources to which we provide hypertext links are also not investigated or monitored by us. The use by us of hypertext links on this website are not recommendations or financial advice. Accordingly we accept no liability (of any type) for any loss, damage, liability, costs or expense arising from or in connection with your use of the hypertext links on our website or on the related internet resources and websites.


Information transmitted over the Internet is inherently insecure. However Maranello provides encrypted application forms to ensure security of your personal information. Once Maranello receives any personal information from you, we will hold that information securely and will only use it to provide information to you and for statistical purposes. System and or human errors can occur and Maranello will do its best to avoid such errors but accepts no liability in the event or error or cyber attacks. You may access personal information held by Maranello by contacting us, and request correction of any errors in that information.

Refer to the Privacy Policy of this website.

YOUR SECURITY OBLIGATIONS (e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers and passwords)

Where you have provided an e-mail address to us and/or a mobile phone number, you agree that you do and will continue to control such e-mail address and mobile phone number and that we may: contact you at such e-mail address and/or mobile phone number, provide information to you (and/or about you) at such e-mail address and/or mobile phone number, and assume that any communication from such e-mail address to us is a communication from you.

Where you have selected a password from which to access information from and/or provide information to a website or to communicate with us, you undertake to strictly maintain such password (and any replacement password) in secrecy and to no less standard than would be imposed on you if such password was an on-line password to your New Zealand bank account.

By way of examples you undertake to:

  • Keep your password confidential and not disclose them to anyone (including taking suitable care when using your password to ensure your password is not seen),
  • Not record your password,
  • Not use a password identical or similar to any existing password you have,
  • Not select a password containing; consecutive or identical numbers, your birth date or part thereof, your name or street address or part thereof or other easily accessible personal data
  • Not leave your computer unattended whilst logged on to any Maranello website
  • Maintain and use suitable virus and similar software to maintain the safety and security of information you enter and not use publicly available computers to log on to our websites.

You agree that you will immediately advise us should you lose control of your e-mail address and/or mobile phone number and/or password or believe the security or secrecy of your password has been compromised and that we may assume no such event has occurred until advised by you.

You indemnify us against any claim by you in any way related to or resulting from: a) communication sent to or received from your e-mail address and/or mobile phone number and b) communications and information provided to or received from the user logged on to a Maranello website through the use of your password, except where you have notified us and we have had a reasonable opportunity to verify the information you notified and to modify our systems for such notice.


We will not charge you a fee for sending SMS text messages however the receipt of an SMS test message from us may result in a cost to you depending on your arrangements with your telecommunications supplier. If you no longer wish to receive such SMS text messages, please contact us using the contact details below or the information set out in the Contact section of this website.


You confirm that:

  • any and all information you have provided to us is true and correct (including information used in any of our on-line calculators);
  • you will not take out or request a loan without carefully checking that the loan repayments are affordable to you; and
  • you will ensure you have received, read and understood the terms and conditions of any loan agreement prior to taking out or requesting any such loan.


We may be contacted via the details listed in the Contact Us section of this website.