We try hard to look after our customers, but unfortunately on rare occasions problems can arise.

Suggested First Step
If you have a problem or complaint we ask that your first try to resolve this with one of our service team members. If you are still not happy please ask to speak with their manager. We find most issues will be resolved at this stage.

Raising a Formal Complaint
However if you are still not satisfied, please complete the following form and your complaint will be sent directly to our Compliance Manager for prompt resolution.

    What happens now?
    We have an internal process to deal with complaints which are dealt with by our compliance team who operate independently from our lending and collections teams. We undertake to investigate your complaint and propose a resolution to you promptly (usually in 1-3 days).

    After our internal review:
    If you’re still not satisfied with the resolution offered by our compliance team you can contact our independent disputes resolution scheme operated by Financial Dispute Resolution Service (“FDRS”).
    FDRS may be contacted at:
    Phone:  0508 337 337

    There is no cost for you to use the services of FDRS.

    Free Confidential Budgeting Advice
    If you are in need of financial advice or budgeting services, you can visit our External Resources page on our website, or contact:
    MoneyTalks – There is no cost for you to use the services of MoneyTalks.
    Phone: 0800 345 123