Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Ways to Save Money on Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just under two weeks away. Starting to feel the pressure? Whether you’re running out of time or running out of money, we have some ideas for last minute Christmas gifts that won’t exceed your budget.

Do it yourself
Your grandparents and elder relatives will truly appreciate hand- crafted gifts. You could bake them some Christmas treats or create them something special. It may take some extra effort but it is a lot more cost effective!


Shop online
Now is your last chance to get your online shopping done, if you want to receive your items in time for Christmas. Online shopping allows you to compare prices and hunt down sales with ease! Subscribe to websites with daily deals such as Onceit or Grabone and receive discounted Christmas gift ideas straight to your inbox. Many online stores also use discounted or free shipping around this time of year, saving you even more money.



Do your research
Browse catalogues and websites to find the best deals on items. Visit www.pricespy.co.nz and let them do all the research for you. Simply type in your item and receive a list of the cheapest places to buy it.


Buying for people unnecessarily
Eliminate people from your Christmas gift list. This may sound harsh, but do you really need to buy a gift for your husband when you share the same bank account. Talk to those extra family members and friends about putting a pause on gift exchanging, you may find they are happy to save the money too.Be sure you are not spending too much money on your kids. Children do not appreciate the monetary value of gifts and do not know the difference between designer and home brand gifts.


Enter competitions
Christmas means free giveaways. Try your luck and you could have one or more of your Christmas gifts sorted. We are currently running our 12 days of Christmas giveaways which means you have the chance to win a gift everyday- Enter now: https://www.facebook.com/paydayadvancenz/

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