Things to Ask Yourself Before You Buy

Earning your own money comes with lots of advantages, one of the best being the ability to buy whatever you want, simply because you want it. But in day and age, it is very easy to feel like you have to buy things you don’t need, just to keep up with everyone else and their fancy purchases. Whether it be a top of the range gaming console, the newest iPhone model, or a brand new sports car to show off to the guys at work, the majority of these things we feel we simply can’t live without, are not necessary expenses. So how do you figure out if this product you’ve been yearning for is something you really need or not? Here are some things to ask yourself before buying to help save you from adding another appliance to the graveyard along with the bread maker and pressure cooker you’ve used less than a handful of times.

Do I Love it?

My mum, the most frugal shopper I have ever met, would always tell me if I didn’t love it, don’t even bother. If you have the smallest shred of doubt, leave it. You can always buy it later but follow your gut instinct or it will end up being another item of clothing that’s never seen the light of day, taking up space in your wardrobe.

Can I Get it Cheaper?

Shop around and find the best price. Never buy it from the first shop because you will often find the same product in lots of different shops for different prices. Always try to find the best quality but don’t be afraid to buy the knock-off if it will save you big bucks and is still fairly decent quality. Do your research, because it will save you from kicking yourself when you find out your friend got it for half the price you paid.

Can you Actually Afford it?

If you have decided it’s definitely a necessary expense, you must make sure you can realistically afford it. There is no point in getting the nice new car, if you have to jeopardise your lifestyle to meet the repayments. If you have to borrow money to buy it, you should just wait until you have the money yourself. It’ll be worth the wait to know you saved for it yourself, and will save you the financial headaches.

Are You Just Buying it Because its’ on Sale?

It doesn’t matter how much cheaper it is, if you didn’t need it anyway don’t buy it. You’re still spending money you don’t need to regardless of how much you will be saving. If you have been convinced, wait until the end of the sale and if you still want it, and can afford it, buy it after having thinking about it. Otherwise there will always be more sales, and you can do more research in the meantime.

Is it an Impulse Buy?

Advertising is amazing in the way it can void us of all common sense and send us running towards their products in an almost zombie-like fashion. Always stop and think about it. Do you need the product, if so, how would it change your life significantly enough to justify the cost? If you can’t identify the benefits of having it right this second, just wait. It won’t disappear of the shelves and you may be in a better financial position to buy it later on.

Can You Get it For Free?

If you feel like you can’t live without it, see if you can get it for free first. Instead of rushing out to the first appliance sale you hear of to buy that juicer, post a Facebook status asking if anybody has an old one they no longer use. Ask your older family members for the downgrade model sitting in their garage. Check out websites like or you can find all sorts, from plants to old couches and even tvs!

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.