How can a personal loan from Payday Advance help you?

Whether your car broke down, you need money for an unexpected bill or you just need a bit of cash to get you through to next pay day, you don’t need to worry because Payday Advance is here to help.

Payday Advance is one of New Zealand’s most trusted lenders, delivering fast and efficient service.

Watch our video testimonial below to see how our loans have helped some of our most trusted clients:

There is nothing worse than being in a situation where you need that little bit of extra money before you get paid next. You can only ask your friends and family so many times. At least you know with Payday Advance, there is help – Sheetal

Our clients use our loans for all different kinds of reasons. We want all our customers to know that we are here to help when those unexpected expenses pop up. We are against over-borrowing and will not encourage you to borrow more than you need.

  • Our customers have exclaimed that it is reassuring to know that Payday Advance are here as they know they can fall back on us for cash when they really need it.
  • We can help provide you with a sense of security knowing it won’t take days for you to get the money.

With Payday Advance, you don’t need to worry about setting up payments to us. We take care of all that for you by setting up a schedule of direct debits to come out of your bank on payday. We don’t charge any direct debit fee either. So why not see how a personal Payday Advance can help you.