Tips for Saving on Petrol

Tips for Saving on Petrol

As much as we hate paying for petrol it is a necessary cost that we continue to pay over and over. However, the cost of your gas may not have to be so expensive- Read on for some helpful tips for saving money on petrol.

Saving whilst filling up Shop around- Petrol stations are competitive when it comes to low prices. Pay attention to which stations have the best deals at which times. You can learn which petrol station will save you the most! Do not however, drive far out of your way for these deals; this only defeats the purpose of saving on petrol.

AA Smart Cards – They are not just another marketing tactic, AA Smart Fuel Cards can save you a lot on gas. Some tips for getting the most out of your AA Smart Fuel Card are;

  • Instead of making 1 big purchase i.e. filling up your car, buy $40 of fuel each visit. Doing so will accumulate more cents per litre to redeem in savings!
  • Link all of your families AA smart fuel cards to accumulate more points.

Saving whilst driving

The most obvious being, don’t drive your car. Use public transport as often as you can, you will save on parking too!

Skip rush-hour traffic- If possible; get up a bit earlier to avoid traffic jams. Every time that you stop and start in traffic, your car needs first gear and a huge amount of fuel to get moving again. We all know that traffic can be unavoidable so if you must travel in rush-hour aim to drive at a slow steady speed, rather than accelerating and braking.

Your vehicles fuel economy- If you are going through huge amounts of gas, it may not be the way you are driving but the car itself! There are many factors that contribute to the fuel economy of cars including engine litre, weight, age and condition! Choose a car that has a good fuel economy, it will save you a lot! For example choose a hybrid or diesel vehicle for cheap gas. AA’s top fuel economy cars include a Honda Jazz Hybrid, Toyota Prius, Ford Fiesta Hatch and Suzuki swift diesel!

Don’t carry unnecessary weight- Just like your body, your car needs more fuel to move around more weight. Do not carry heavy object unless you need them! Clean out your cars boot, you are sure to find some items that are unnecessarily weighing your car down.

Turn the air-conditioning off- Yes it’s true, using your air conditioning can use up quite a lot of your fuel. So save the air conditioning for hot summer days. If you are feeling a bit hot and stuffy wind down your window for some fresh (free) air.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.