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Tips For a Cheaper And Less Stressful Christmas For Families

Tips For a Cheaper And Less Stressful Christmas For Families

It’s that time of the year again, and contrary to common belief, it isn’t always the season to be jolly if you’re keeping an eye on your budget and little monkeys occupied. So our little helpers have come up with some helpful tips, so hopefully you and your family can come out on the other side of the holiday season with some money left in the piggy bank, minus the Christmas meltdown (fingers crossed), and with some great memories to cherish.

  • Make your own decorations as a family. You can find great ideas online, such as how to make your own Christmas tree ornaments that you can reuse every year. These create great memories and are such a novelty to keep.
  • Have a pot luck Christmas breakfast/lunch/dinner with your friends and family. This way everyone has a part to play in the meal, and it makes it cheaper and easier for everyone!
  • Make your own wrapping paper by decorating plain white or brown paper. This way your kids can personalise their wrapping paper, which can often be a gift in themselves.
  • Make the most of free Christmas events! Christmas Parades are a great example, or find somewhere in the area you live where they decorate their houses in lights and take your kids for a walk. Franklin Road in Auckland is a great example!
  • Instead of buying your little ones gifts to give, have them make vouchers to give loved ones. For example, a day of baking with Nana, or one breakfast in bed for Daddy, etc.
  • My grandmother always used to stock up during the year, which as a kid, I always thought was weird, but now consider it pure genius. Buy decorations just after the holidays, when they’re all on sale for a fraction of the price they were the week before, or freeze Christmas foods when they’re cheap, and watch the prices rise as you get closer to the holiday season.
  • Buy couples and other families joint presents, rather than individual gifts. Board games are a great present for both!
  • Keep your children’s artwork during the year and laminate them. These make great table mats and are perfect gifts for family members.
  • Make a family video! You could be singing a carol, all saying one thing they love about the person the video is for, or even film a skit your children have made up. These make perfect gifts for grandparents and are timeless; until your children are old enough to understand embarrassment.

The most important thing to remember about this season is to make it more about traditions and creating memories, rather than material gifts. Your time is the best gift you can give someone, so make an effort to spend time with your loved ones and let your presence be the best present.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.