The Best Apps to Save Money

The Best Apps to Save Money

With millions of apps available it can be hard to know which ones can provide you with the most value. In some cases the best version of apps might cost you a monthly fee. However, there are some free apps that can help you reach your financial goals. Below are some of the highest rated apps for finance management that will not cost you a cent.

Budgeting apps
It is near impossible to keep track of your spending without a budget. However, creating a budget each month can be a tedious, time consuming task, involving a lot of mind dulling figures and calculations. If budgeting isn’t your thing, download a budgeting app to do all the hard work for you.One of the best budgeting apps free to download is ‘Wally’. Wally is an app that allows you to break down your expenses into individual categories. You can set daily, weekly or monthly budgets and keep track of your spending by simply scanning your receipts. Wally gives you a clear picture of your finances by recording data for you and representing it visually. Using this app, you will be on track with your saving goals in no time.Saving apps
The saving app Unsplurge makes the process of saving fun! Simply enter what you are saving for, the amount and upload a picture to keep you extra motivated. Unsplurge will track your process and show you visualisations making your goal that much more tangible. Along the way Unsplurge will offer you great saving tips and money saving challenges to get the most out of your money!

Unsplurge also brings a community element to develop a saving mentality. You can search what other people all over the world are saving for, and how they progressing. View trending posts or follow people who inspire you.

Spending apps
When buying new items, how do you know you’re getting a good deal? You can download the free app Priceme. Do not waste your time searching the net or talking to those convincing sales reps. Priceme has details of products in over 500 different stores in New Zealand. So next time you go to buy a new phone or TV, quickly check Priceme before you begin your shopping trip. Saving $50 here and there on items can make all the difference to your budget!

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