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We have helped thousands of customers get through to their next pay day with our financial solutions – even some with previous bad credit history!

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Payday Advance lend you money discreetly, once you have established your identity and details they just work with you, unlike some other companies that ring your employer – which can be embarrassing! Their staff are friendly and often there are email offers to save on fees or to win competitions. When you do need to borrow money, Payday are easy to deal with.

Jo M. |

The service is easy, fast and efficient – will definitely recommend it.

Renell O. |

Easy, quick reply, recommend to anyone in need of a quick, easy small loan

Steven M. |

Such a breeze to apply and is handled with efficiency and speed, makes the process so easy!

Marie F. |

Excellent service and prompt response, as usual

Trina M. |

Quick, efficient, easy-to-use. Online help fast and helpful – and staff are friendly! Excellent service provider!

Lucas L. |

Payday Advance make it easy to get help when needed, the services online are quick and response time is in a matter of minutes, they let me know via text too, which is great. Thanks Michelle

Michelle S. |

Was very helpful and easy payments, thank you.

Edward W. |

Fantastic service! Always has a fast response and the live chat is a fantastic initiative!

Annette S. |

Big thanks to everyone at Payday Advance. Always there to help when I need it.

Norman H. |

Service was great, got what I needed without a hassle

Janelle L. |

You guys are just so understanding, and the fastest service!

June T. |

Great service very fast.

Nicole D |

Thanks Payday Advance, quick easy no fuss loan. Awesome!

Kura R |

Reliable and fast process, simple and easy to use… Thanks for being there when i need extra money…

Tovo T |

Computer system improved now to match great all round service. Thanks again.

Anthony W |

Thank you Payday – You have been so helpful when i needed the money most for unexpected expenses. Fast and easy service.

Rodd L |

I can always trust Payday advance to help me out when i need them. Quick and easy response time with good customer service.

Jeremy K |

GREAT service always there when you need them and no question is too hard, I have received excellent service from your company and will continue to use you. Thanks

Melissa P |

Super fast and efficient service with great customer support. Am happy to recommend this service to others in need.

Melanie W |

Awesome fast service, very reliable when you need that extra bit of cash! Thanks team.

Daniel J |

Fast, efficient – life saving!

Luisa S |

Thanks for been so helpful with my situation, i felt that PayDay Advance has been really good, i will promote this company to my family and the wider Pacific community that i work within Counties Manukau.

Suzanne N |

Payday advance never fails me! Always there for me and my family. Thanks team at Payday Advance.

Janet F |

Excellent service, no fuss quick and easy loan.

Kura R |

i cant believe how quick it was

Stacey M |

The PDA team is awesome! Fast and Friendly – and no hidden costs or small print! Thank you PDA! 🙂

Kayla |

As a returning customer I have found that I can always depend on Pay Day Advance to help me out when something unexpected arises. They are always willing to help with great customer service and quick and efficient service 🙂 thanks Pay Day Advance.

Lagi M. |

Payday Advance made it so simple, quick and easy when i needed funds fast.Their helpful staff kept me informed and guided me when i needed making the whole process easy. I would highly recommend Payday Advance. Thanks Team!!

Aaron M. |

This is a fantastic service. Thank You Payday Advance for the prompt loan without hesitation!

Annette S. |

The New Online Processing system is awesome. I recently needed some extra cash whilst I was in Australia and was able to access the services of PDA quite easily. Thanks to PDA for a fantastic service.

Melvin |

I applied and submitted my application on-line. I was extremely happy with the fast efficient service! 5 out of 5. Quick and easy. Once I had all the necessary paper work submitted I received my Pay-Day-Advance in 30 minutes. Great service.

Natasha |

Great company to work with fast response. I will and have recommended your company to all my friends thanks heaps

Bruce M. |

This service is awesome and made especially easy now with the new login service. Always a life saver 🙂

Donna I. |

The paperless process makes this so much easier and hassle free. Apply and Approved online within 10 minutes. Great stuff.

Joseph |

Very professional and quick, fastest application procedures with returning customers.

Andrew |

Always there when I need them! Thanks, Payday Advance.

Janet T. |

Fast, efficient – easy to use! Would definitely recommend

Luisa A. |

Payday Advance has been awesome in the way they communicated with me; clear, professional yet without the bolshy edginess that most finance companies portray. Excellent service.

Fasirua W. |

No hassles. Good service. Thanks

Abbi V. |

Love this service. Friendly, reliable help, always willing to go the extra mile to accommodate my queries and help me with bridging that ever so short gap between running out of money and payday! 10/10

Rachel F. |

I just want to thank the company for making it possible for me to be able to afford to enjoy myself when in need of extra cash, and for being so flexible with letting make repayments to suit my pay week. Thank you to the customer service who are very friendly and informative and a very big thank you to Payday Advance for making my happiness happen.

Maraea W. |

Very helpful, I really appreciate the service.

Suzanne N. |

Stress-free, and you can definitely rely on Payday Advance to get you by! The new online tool where you can check your balance is very helpful as well. Not like other places where you have to go through a lot of paper work. Definitely recommend!

Jocelyn L. |

Very friendly and helpful. Service is as good as promised.

Karen P. |

The fastest & most efficient service ever! BRILLIANT! Thanks to the Team at Payday Advance. 🙂

Don L. |

A simple, easy to deal with, hassle free service. I absolutely love being a customer!

Mele K. |

Very good service, and friendly staff. If you have a problem with payment, they try to help you manage it.

Annie R. |

Awesome team to deal with, made covering an unexpected car repair easy as.

Lloyd W. |

Great service. Fast and efficient plus a hassle-free process! (:

Paul S. |

Highly recommend it! Super-easy and hassle-free!! Plus very friendly staff 🙂

Karina G. |

Awesome hassle-free service. Easy to follow instructions and handy for that last minute expense.

Pauline M. |

Excellent service, as always

Trina M. |

This service is a godsend. When I am a bit short and need some much needed cash, I can always rely on Payday Advance to get me through. Thanks for being there.

Charlene B. |

I am really pleased with their service, they are very helpful and curtious, they come through when you are in a pinch

Raymond C. |

Always fast and friendly service and contact. Available within 30 minutes or overnight which suits my situation. Hassle-free.

Janie K. |

Always easy to deal with and quick approvals.

Elizabeth R. |

Every time I’ve contacted the team at Payday Advance, they’ve been fantastic to deal with. And I will recommend them to anyone.

Ngahou P. |

Thank you, Payday Advance for your help. When days are tough, you can always rely on Payday Advance to help you financially, they are honest and also friendly, so God bless Payday Advance for your prompt replies 🙂

Moeroa M. |

When you urgently need help, you can always rely on Payday Advance. It’s quick and fast, no hassles. I’m very happy with Payday Advance.

Mel S. |

Payday Advance you are awesome you have always helped out when needed with your speedy service and the easy way of logging in and doing it for ourselves. Thanks for the hassle-free service

Denise G. |

Payday Advance have been great. They are polite and friendly to talk to on the phone. The website was easy to get round the very first time applying, and as a returning customer it is even easier to apply: so quick, especially when I remember at the last minute I need an advance. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing an advance on their pay.

Diane du F. |

I have had nothing but great service from Payday Advance, they are always there to help when needed.

Jayson H. |

You are amazing people, thank you so much, you have saved my bacon.

Lisa E. |

Your upgraded website is so easy to use, fantastic and quick service, will definitely use you again. Thanks 🙂

Sarah S. |

Payday Advance are the easiest, quickest and professional company ever, all of these qualities is what sets them apart from any others, the number one thing for me is their online processes, absolutely streaks ahead of their competition, thank you Payday Advance for your excellent continued service.

Chris S. |

Hi there, I was very pleased with your service, it was fast, easy and convenience. Will definitely consider you again in the event of an emergency 🙂

Manesha J. |

Very handy for emergencies and very helpful staff

Toe T. |

Loan application is all done in less than 30 mins. Ease of application online and prompt response to queries.

Teresa T. |

Very helpful when needed extra cash for an emergency

Toe S. |

Payday Advance is simply the best, the most professional and the easiest to deal with lending service! They are friendly bunch who are always there to help and go that all important extra mile when you need fast and reliable finances!

Daniela D. |

So easy to apply with no hassles! Thanks for coming through for me when I needed it urgently!

Davina W. |

Fantastic service, prompt and efficient. So easy to use! (:

Paul S. |

Thank you, you are life savers. Best company to deal with, and your staff are so positive and amazing with communication.

Maria B. |

Payday Advance is great! Always there when you need them. Great service. 🙂

Jade M. |

Payday was excellent in helping me in my time of need, their process was very simple and service was awesome. Would recommend this company if you need a short term loan in a hurry and with minimal effort. Thanks Payday:)

Rangi L. |

I would like to extend to all staff at Payday Advance how easily and efficiently they are to deal with. It is always a absolute pleasure and I have had no problems at all! I couldnt speak highly enough of the service I have received. Thank you, Josie

Josie T. |

Thank you, you are life savers.

Anita T. |

I can totally recommend Payday Advance for their efficient, hassle free approach to lending. Especially helpful when needed extra cash for car tyres etc. Thanks.

Karen M. |

Payday Advance are a fantastic finance company to deal with, the online processes they have for customers is superior to any I have previously had dealings with, it is fast and easy and the staff are very professional and helpful, all dealings I have had with them have been clearly and concisely laid out in simple easy to understand vernacular, NO SMALL PRINT.

Chris S. |

Quick, simple, no problems, great quick service. Cheers, PDA.

Bill T. |

Wow! What a splendid idea. Now I can access funds from anywhere in the world! No more time wasting in an emergency! Funds available in 30 minutes! Thanks Payday Advance for an excellent innovative service! Well done!

Melvin D. |

Awesome service, new system is fast and easy, Payday Advance really help when I need extra cash quickly.

Tim A. |

Being a customer with Payday Advance is a bonus for me because I know they are there if ever I run into a shortfall. There is no hassles with paperwork, etc. and it is instant! Thanks, Payday 🙂

Justin R. |

Professional, easy to deal with and very helpful when required. Thanks.

Robert L. |

Payday Advance Limited make it super easy and hassle free to get a loan, you have helped me out of a tight situation, thanks!

Cara A. |

With Internet access, the service is extremely quick and easy. Thank you, Payday Advance team 🙂

Richard T. |

A great service for short-term cover between pays, easy to renew once you have used before.

Amy R. |

Payday Advance has been the quick easy service to use. Even though I made a couple of mistakes, they still processed the loan the same day, even though it was close to end of business day. Thank you. I will be using them again in the future 🙂

Kylie H. |

The fastest service ever. Such a breeze and really helps when you have urgent matters to sort including tangihanga. Thank you 🙂

Martha E. |

I think the new system is just great, instead of having to send an email inquiring asking for the balance of my account, I can now log in hassle-free and check, and also when I am need of finances I can just simply reapply on the website and it will electronically load this for me. Very happy with the service I get from Payday Advance.

Emma G. |

Great and easy process & helpful

Margaret P. |

Love Payday Advance. Very professional, awesome service. I am very budget conscious, but as I only get paid once a month, finances get very stretched between pays. Thank god for Payday Advance. No messing around either.

Flo H. |

Great service, easy to organise and a real life saver in times of need. Appreciate something so easy, simple and such a friendly team to deal with. Thanks heaps

Bevis S. |

Fast and friendly… Great and easy to deal with – thanks!

Kerri T. |

I find Payday Advance to be a great service. With their new automated online application service, I feel it is a fast and effective way to get an advance on your pay when needed. With no hidden costs, I would recommend Payday Advance for sure!

Maria B. |

Very good service. I will always use Payday Advance if I ever get short on money. Only people I will go to now. Thank you so much for your help.

Rachael C. |

Great, quick service. Many thanks

Ben H. |

It is so much easier to use and I can keep track of my balance. It made the loan process so much easy, I am very happy with the service 🙂

Joginder S. |

You guys are so professional! Such an easy process and you know where you stand all the time. Thanks again, Payday Advance

Stephen O. |