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We have helped thousands of customers get through to their next pay day with our financial solutions – even some with previous bad credit history!

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Very friendly and efficient. Always come in handy when I need help. Highly Recommended.

Vinal | February 2, 2017

Easy as, no-hassle! Payday Advance has got you covered, they did it for me no worries!

Enoka | January 27, 2017

Payday Advance are awesome. They are a quick hassle-free way of getting funds ASAP. Love the fact that they encourage you to seek a budget adviser to help you and to seek other financial ways before taking out a loan.

Sandi | January 25, 2017

I’m happy to recommend Payday Advance if you need a quick hassle-free cash advance. They were easy to deal with and very quick to process my application.

Terry | January 24, 2017

Payday Advance has a great team that work efficiently on your application and their communication is super-fast! There was no hassle, no surprises and a straight-up contract. There is flexibility and it is very affordable as a short-term loan when you get “stuck in the Mud”. Thank you Payday Advance!

Mark | January 24, 2017

Always a pleasure. Quick response to any query I might have and easy to follow instructions for applying for a loan. I would highly recommend Payday Advance for short term loans. They are always there to help. Thanks again.

Jimmy | January 9, 2017

I would like to thank all staff at Payday Advance for providing an outstanding service to me. Helping me in times of need. Have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Awesome HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Sheree | December 20, 2016

Thank you Payday Advance for your awesome, sufficient service. Even though I didn’t get the amount I requested originally, looking at it now I’m glad my amount granted has affordable repayments. Thank you so much.

Siatu | December 16, 2016

Payday Advance has always been there when I need a quick cash injection. Thanks for being there when I need it.

Reuben | November 22, 2016

Easy, fast loan advance. Great customer service!

Natalie | October 27, 2016

I thank you all for the help and support. Really appreciate the service you’ve provided. Highly recommended for all financial emergencies.

Lata | October 13, 2016

You’re such life savers! I needed to get my tooth out at the dentist and had no money until next pay day. I like the fact that you have a responsible lending policy too. Thank you so much.

Roxanne | September 1, 2016

I am very happy with this service. The process is simple, they are responsible with loan amounts and have realistic repayments. I love that you can pay the loan off early without penalty and will save on interest as it is calculated daily, not taken out of your first repayments. Thanks for a fast and efficient processing time that doesn’t feel intrusive.

Tracey | September 1, 2016

I have used Payday Advance a few times and have found them to be very helpful on every occasion. I would definitely recommend to anyone that may need a short term loan.

Melanie | August 30, 2016

Really appreciated my loan at a time which it was needed. Customer service is awesome.

Mare | August 23, 2016

You guys are awesome! Great service & very efficient. Always there when you fall short especially on an off-Pay week #LifeSavers – Thanks

Lynley | August 18, 2016

Always so efficient and easy to apply when faced with an unexpected cash short fall. Such a great service and always happy to use Payday Advance again and again.

Aggie | August 11, 2016

I have used Payday Advance on more than one occasion. Every time I use them it has been nothing but hassle free service with good payment options. I work in a good profession, but even I need help sometimes. Thanks Payday Advance for helping when times are tough.

Egavas | August 9, 2016

Thanks, Payday Advance. My loan was approved quickly and without fuss. My loan payment details were affordable and in consideration to my application.

Lucy | August 8, 2016

Amazing, love you guys. So helpful and so easy. Wouldn’t use any other payday loan company 🙂

Andrea | August 4, 2016

Great company for tide- you- over Loans. Quick easy & no hassles.

Harv | August 3, 2016

Thank you, you guys have been my lifesaver more than once. No hassles, quick and easy and when I did go through a rough time you helped me without question. Would recommend you without hesitation.

Rae | August 3, 2016

Fast and professional customer service, simple process with no stress. Would highly recommend.

Anika | August 2, 2016

Sometimes life can be tricky and you can be caught short money wise. Payday Advance takes the stress out of the situation. It is quick, simple and straight forward to apply. It is discreet and the people are very friendly and available to help if you need assistance.

Jo | July 21, 2016

Payday Advance was a great help in times of need. Awesome customer service was received, I would recommend Payday Advance. I have had no issues and the speedy approval was great. Thank you to the awesome staff at Payday Advance.

Jack | July 15, 2016

Best fast loan company I know of to date. Very fast service. Efficient. Time saving and the Help Chat is great. Very helpful and resolves issues if any right away. A+++ & have recommended to all my friends and associates when in need of a quick helping hand.

Selina | June 13, 2016

Greatest service ever. Completely digital, effective and smooth. A service you can always count on whenever you need. Thanks PDA . You’re the best.

Melvin | June 8, 2016

Really easy to use, friendly staff and good service. Thanks for your assistance!

Tash | June 8, 2016

Wow!! What a stress free service. Just what I needed at the time. Hassle free, much appreciated. Thank you.

Deborah | May 30, 2016

I found the service with Payday Advance very efficient. I had a result within the hour and received funds same day. Recommended

Richard | May 30, 2016

AMAZING!!!! You guys are amazing. when I need help you guys are my go to people. Thank you for all your help:)

Andrea | May 23, 2016

This is a great service, always easy to contact, very efficient and a great way to bring payday forward when needed.

Sharon K | May 14, 2016

You guys rock. Fast, efficient and easy to apply. I would recommend you to anyone. Thank you.

Rae | May 4, 2016

It was such a quick and easy process when it was my first time applying. Thanks guys.

Babara | April 20, 2016

Payday Advance is the first loan company I came across that were the quickest and easiest to work with. Cheap fees to pay back with very reasonable rates. Very great work team 🙂

Tyler | April 12, 2016

I found the service of Payday Advance, professional, friendly and very fast. I also found them to be very respectful and would recommend them.

Edward | April 6, 2016

Super fast service and friendly customer service team. Highly recommended loan service without hesitation.

Shahzeb | March 31, 2016

Good, excellent service

stafford isaacs | March 31, 2016

Thank you for the recent loan which was afforded to me. After relocating, my expenses sky rocketed, particularly with covering the cost of freight and the family pet transport. It was much more expensive than I expected or budgeted for. Your service was fast, and easy. I am very appreciative that this is an option for me during unforeseen circumstances.

Trent | March 21, 2016

A really great service for when you urgently need funds for whatever reason. Very easy process and friendly customer service team.

Janna | March 15, 2016

Thank you Payday Advance. When ever I am short of cash Payday Advance gets me through. No paper work once approved, and money in account overnight, no problems.

Ross | March 14, 2016

Great dealings, thanks Payday Advance : )

Jo | March 1, 2016

My first time using this service and they really helped me out in many ways. I really needed money for an urgent family matter and they helped me out. Thank you to your friendly customer service team. Appreciate your help.

Naomi | February 24, 2016

Really fast efficient service. Would recommend for a short term loan. Keep up the good work.

Genevieve | February 24, 2016

I found the service provided by Payday Advance staff excellent. Very quick to respond and the friendly emails to let you know you have paid the advance. Thanks!

Cheryl | February 19, 2016

Thank you for your assistance in helping me with a short term loan. I found your service to prompt and efficient with no fuss and a non judgement attitude of your staff.

Maxine | February 17, 2016

I found your service great, as I had issues with my id, and due to your staff working alongside my boss granted me the loan and that helped me out so much at a stage when my financial issues where at a high so thank you very much

Brendon | February 12, 2016

Always there when needed. Thanks for that!

Nina | February 12, 2016

I have been a customer of Payday Advance for many years now, and have found them to be the most fast, efficient and reliable service I have ever dealt with. Money when you need it, plain and simple and easy to deal with.

Lisa | February 11, 2016

Fast friendly reliable service. Really helped me out a lot even with applying for the loan. Highly recommend you guys. Thank you so much for your assistance 🙂

Tina | February 11, 2016

Payday Advance was very very helpful when I needed urgent financial assistance. The repayments were very affordable and most definitely ease the burden of financial stress. I also wish to share, during the Christmas period when more unexpected expenses arose as they normally do, Payday Advance Administration were sooo obliging with my repayment plan and myself and Payday came to a agreement with my repayment plan which once again was such a huge relief emotionally. So once again Thank you very much Payday Advance.

Suzie | February 10, 2016

Fast and straight away process get an answer not even half an hour.

Lafaele | February 9, 2016

Easy service, Fast and sufficient. Will always recommend when in need of a short term loan! A++

Ashley | February 2, 2016

Great easy friendly service, takes the stress away from you.

Brenda | January 27, 2016

PAYDAY ADVANCE offers great service and repayment rates. 😀

Joseph | January 21, 2016

Hassle free loan 100% online with a super fast response Thanks!

Kimberley | January 14, 2016

I’m really happy with the service that I was provided with Payday Advance. The lady that I was dealing with was so friendly and very helpful, I felt short with my financials this week and they were able to help. Thanks Payday Advance.

Naomi | January 12, 2016

Payday advance is a great help. I have been with them for the past three or so months and they are very helpful. If I need a loan, I just apply through the website and hey presto, money within a half hour or overnight. Live help on their website is also very fast especially when you need an answer asap. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Hine | January 12, 2016

Excellent service. Thank you

Nicky | January 6, 2016

Thanks PDA! You saved my bacon when I needed it. Thanks for the swift processing of the advance and how helpful you were for me to get it right.

Jackie E. | December 23, 2015

Quick easy and oh so convenient for those unexpected short falls.

Rachael | December 22, 2015

This is the most efficient and recommended establishment that I can refer to anyone looking for financial shortfalls. So long as you have required documentation, they are more than willing to help you with all you need at a cost you can acquire to stay on top of. Highly recommended for both on-line and verbal customer service support every time.

moana | December 18, 2015

Payday Advance has helped especially when things get a bit tight. Applying couldn’t be easier. Quick, fast and no hassles.

Miss | December 11, 2015

Excellent service if you need finance.

Suzanne | December 8, 2015

Payday Advance is a great service. It is quick and easy. My dealings with their staff on the phone has always been helpful. Cheers.

Josh | November 21, 2015

Fantastic, thank you guys, you all made the process of getting a loan easy, hassle free and so quick to get the funds/loan money into my account. Truly grateful, thank you all

Sandra | November 17, 2015

Little, fast loans when you need them. Prompt, convenient, and no hidden costs.

Alice | November 17, 2015

Quick and easy, plus amazing, polite and helpful staff.

Mary | November 13, 2015

Quick and easy, no waiting around and all done from a click of a button, very helpful in times of unexpected events!

Lefiu | November 3, 2015

This is the easiest short term loan service that there is by a million light years. Easy to apply, easy to maintain, and easy to pay back. Thank you

Jalna | November 3, 2015

Such a great company to deal with. Process is fast and easy.

Katie | November 2, 2015

Absolutely brilliant, no hassle way to get financial assistance in between pay days.

Lisa | October 30, 2015

Great speedy acceptance with no lengthy forms or waits. Very impressed with the service received.

Joanne | October 29, 2015

Always there when you need them and such polite helpful staff my 1 stop shop when in need!

John R | October 28, 2015

When needed, so easy and quick to complete an application and have the funds in my account as requested – hassle free, such a breeze!

Sauniga | October 27, 2015

Amicable people and great service. Would recommend Payday Advance to others.

Jatenesh | October 13, 2015

I have used Payday Advance on a number of occasions now and they have really been most efficient and helpful.

Rosemary | October 9, 2015

You are a life saver, the ease and convenience you offer and deliver is great.

Kennedy | October 8, 2015

Great service, always there when I run short on funds. Money can be transferred overnight or next day guaranteed. Thanks

Marama | October 8, 2015

Being a sub contractor on monthly pay, it seems to be a long time for available cash. I’m so happy that Payday Advance have been great in keeping me on the road and so efficient and helpful when I have needed to use them, painless trouble free lending.

Richard D | October 8, 2015

Thank you so much. Always helpful when I have emergency expenses crop up like Dentist costs.

Vee | October 8, 2015

Sometimes life throws you a hard knock, it could be as big as a car crash, it could be as simple as not enough money for a bus to work. But what is a real relief, is that there are company’s like Payday Advance to help out and be right there on hand. I was spoken to politely, respectfully and very professionally. I received the funds i applied for less then 30minutes later and i couldn’t be happier. An automatic payment came out the following week and i was back on track. It was a breeze to go through Payday Advance. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to anyone. Thank you again for your help.

Steven | October 7, 2015

You can ALWAYS rely on PayDayAdvance to be there for you when you need it most. A total professional service that surpasses all others.

Melvin D | October 6, 2015

Always fantastic service, fast and efficient. Great communication, and quick money when needed!

Jade L | October 5, 2015

The whole process was quick and easy. The lending team are fantastic! They follow up on everything and help you out thoroughly. Five star treatment. highly recommended.

Eric | September 21, 2015

Fast & Friendly staff with great responsible lending. Payday Advance will make you feel like a human being the way they treat you. Great service all round.

Daren H | September 11, 2015

Payday advance has been a convenient way to access money in a hurry or in a urgent situation. I highly recommend Payday advance.

Bethan O | September 8, 2015

Thank you Payday Advance. You have always been very professional but at the same time there is a personal connection. Applications are quick and easy, no paperwork and it is all done online. You are kept informed throughout the process of your loan. Communication is the key and Payday does this exceptionally well. Again thank you Payday Advance, for not only have I benefited from your loans but my family has.

Yvonne | September 7, 2015

Great service! Simply Outstanding the way my advance was approved within an hour! Excellent Service!

Joe | September 3, 2015

Excellent, fast process made simple!

Trina M | August 27, 2015

Very helpful service for one off bills.

Matthew C | August 23, 2015

Thank you for your financial help in times of need! You always come to the rescue! always reliable and trustworthy! Keep up the awesome work! Many thanks. ;-)!

NG | August 19, 2015

Great service, very efficient and easy process to follow

Kate | August 19, 2015

Awesome as always!! Service is second to none and application process is quick and easy. Staff are always friendly and helpful, even when you need to make a change to your arrangement (provided they are advised accordingly and in advance)!! Keep up the good work – happily recommend PDA to family and friends.

Anne O | August 19, 2015

Thanks so much! Great service, so quick and hassle free! Will definitely be using again!

Rachel | August 19, 2015

You guys are great

N Johnson | August 19, 2015

The service is prompt and efficient, hassle free and I would use this service again.

Liz | August 13, 2015

Love this service. Nice friendly staff, helps every time and easy to repay and no hassles.. Thanks guys 🙂

Hayden | August 13, 2015

Excellent, efficient service always!

Trina | August 10, 2015

Fantastic service, when I am short of money, I can guarantee there is a no question ask policy.

Annette | August 7, 2015