Save Money by Making These Things Last Longer

Save Money by Making These Things Last Longer

These days it seems that many things around us are easier tobe replaced than fixed – that goes for clothes, appliances and many other household items. Saving time and effort can be one of the reasons why many of us choose to do that, however, not only does it usually cost more money, but it also means that more stuff goes into the landfill, hurting our beautiful planet.


Our clothes are probably some of our most easily replaceable possessions, but I don’t mind putting a bit of extra work into making them last. Not only does it save money, but you also get to wear your favourite clothes a bit longer! One thing I always do is turn jeans inside out when washing them to prevent the colour from fading; I also always air dry my clothes, which saves money on power, helps clothing last longer and is good for the environment. You can also use an old razor to shave the fuzz balls off woollen and synthetic clothes – be careful not to make holes, of course!

Cleaning Sponges

Sponges are such an essential household item, but who wants to buy a new pack every few weeks? Consider purchasing a pack of larger ones and cutting them into halves (you can also spray them with a little vinegar to keep them fresh for longer).

Hand soap

Consider diluting hand soap with a bit of water – it will be just as effective, but will last longer.

Fresh Flowers

I absolutely love having fresh flowers around the house ($5 for a dozen roses from my local Sunday market!), so I always try to make them last a bit longer by first, cutting a few millimetres off the stems and second, putting the flowers in cold fresh water and adding a bit of sugar to it. Apparently, adding a drop or two of bleach works wonders too, but I haven’t tried that one yet.

Nail Polish

If your nail polishes have gone a bit dry, don’t throw them away just yet; consider investing in a nail polish thinner (around $30), it will definitely help you get a few more manicures out of the nail polish bottles. It lasts a while too!

Razor Blades

They are something I refuse to buy unless they are on sale – in which case they are STILL super-expensive. This is a tip I had come across a while ago, and it has already saved me dozens of dollars. What you can do to make your razor blade last longer is: 1. Always wipe it dry after use 2. Take an old pair of jeans and “shave” them back and forth around 20 times every once in a while – somehow, it manages to sharpen the razor blade!

Ink Cartridges

These are expensive and can be an absolute hassle to replace, so why not try an ink-saving technique, especially when it doesn’t require you to do much apart from changing the typeface on your computer! Did you know that the font called Century Gothic uses 33% less ink than Arial (please note that it uses slightly more paper, but it can be compensated for by increasing the document’s margins)? Ecofont saves more ink AND paper, however, it has to be purchased first – prices start from $31NZD. It saves ink by leaving small holes in the letters, which are almost invisible to the human eye on the screen or paper!Another way to save a few extra dollars is by repaying your cash loan early – remember that we, as a responsible lender, encourage our customers to do so to save them interest- if you are in a position to close your loan off early, simply give us a call, and we will help you sort it out.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.