Payday Advance

A payday advance is repaid using the next pay cheque – or a number of them, depending on how many repayments the borrower wants to have.

Because these loans can be put into your account overnight, they can help New Zealanders tie that urgent financial gap between paydays.

Even if you have had black marks in the past, such as defaults, collections or judgements – we may still be able to help. What we mainly look at is your current ability to repay, not just the credit issues of the past, of course this assumes all responsible lending requirements have been met. Here at Payday Advance, we strongly believe in giving second chances to those who can afford them; so as long as you meet our basic criteria, please apply in confidence:

How it works

  1. Fill out our easy online application form.
  2. Receive a TXT with your unique authentication code.
  3. Electronically accept the Loan Contract and Direct Debit form.
  4. Provide your supporting documents: At least the latest 90 days of bank statements, Valid Photo ID, Selfie, recent Proof of Address and statement of accounts for any short-term loan you wish to consolidate – you may be eligible to use our secure online facility which can retrieve your bank statements directly from your Internet Banking.
  5. If approved, the money will be deposited into your account overnight.
  6. We will direct debit the repayment amount(s) on the following pay date(s) – as per the Loan Agreement signed.

Why choose Payday Advance?

There is no need to take out more than you require when you only need a few hundred to last you until next payday. As a responsible lender, the last thing we want our customers to do is over-borrow. We never encourage our customers to take out more money than needed.

Human interaction – although the application process is completely online, we have a friendly and experienced New Zealand-based customer service team who are ready to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Trusted and experienced – our systems have been helping thousands of Kiwis get through their financial obstacles since 2008. Please check out our customer testimonials to see why so many Kiwis keep choosing Payday Advance as their lender!