Money Lessons We’ve Learnt From Dad

Money Lessons We’ve Learnt From Dad

Father’s day is nearly here, a time to truly appreciate everything your Dad has done for you. If you take a moment to look back, you may find that the most important gifts your Dad, Step Dad or Granddad have given you are not material items but the lessons and wisdom that you carry with you throughout your life. Sometimes Dad knows best- here are some of the best money lessons we have learnt from dad.

Typically, Dads like to take the DIY route with home improvement projects around the house, garden or even fixing the car. Although at times they overestimate their DIY skills, their determination has taught us an important lesson- learn how to do it yourself. Instead of paying for someone to repaint your room, go down to the paint shop and get to work. Learn how to change a flat tyre and check the oil in your car- it could save you a lot of money on services.If it isn’t broken don’t fix it
Dads hate seeing things go to waste and love to get their money’s worth. Do you really need a new lounge suite? If it does the job, get as much time and use out of it as you can! Do not waste your money on new, unnecessary itemsDo not buy to impress others
Your dad is probably less concerned with material items than your mum and disapproves of the amount of money you spend on shoes and handbags. From dad, we have learnt to keep it simple. We do not need to spend a large amount on material items to impress others. Additionally, we don’t need to buy huge amounts of the same item- a few pairs of shoes will do just fine.

Support yourself
Dads encourage us to earn our own money and not to become financially dependent on someone else, whether it is your spouse or parents. It is important to be able to make it on your own and accomplish your own goals and dreams.

Everything in moderationOne of the most important lessons we have learnt from dad is that money isn’t everything. Everyone needs a break from making money every now and again, so spend time with family and friends and take holidays. It’s OK to treat yourself sometimes, as long as everything is in moderation. Life is too short to be worried about finances.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.