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Long-Term Loan

Long-Term cash loans*

When you need fast cash loans, cash advance or online loans in NZ then you need us. Payday Advance are responsible and trusted payday loan lenders, who help working New Zealanders. We could provide you with a fast cash loan, from $5,000 to $10,000*, for up to 3 years. Our loan process is fast, flexible and easy to understand. Simply fill in the online application form, read & accept the Loan Contract and send us your supporting documents. If your loan application is approved, the funds will be paid in to your NZ bank account as an overnight deposit. When you need fast cash and can’t wait for your next payday you could apply for a cash advance on our website.

Our loans are unsecured

We don’t need any security from you and so your personal assets like car or house will not be linked to your loan application with us. You also don’t need to pawn your possessions to get the money you need.

If you have had some bad credit history, it may be difficult to get a cash advance at other places. We try to let the past be the past as we mainly look at your current ability to repay the loan. We give working Kiwis with bad credit history a chance to apply for a long-term* cash advance, so they can get their current financial conditions sorted.

Whether you want to consolidate your loans, or borrow cash advance for covering some expenses, you could easily apply online. You could also use our loans to cover any engagements or weddings expenses, to cover expenses related to your home re-modelling, to buy a car or a boat and other related expenses. Taking out a long-term cash advance may help you to manage your current financial situation.

Why do many Kiwis choose our service?

  • Our loans are flexible! You get to choose the loan you need from the different loan options available. Our repayment options are flexible too for you to choose the number of repayments depending on your repayment ability (limits apply and depend on pay cycle frequency).
  • It is very simple to get started with our online application form.
  • We make super-quick loan decisions: usually within 60 minutes once all documentation is received.
  • Our NZ-based customer service team are available via online chat, email, fax, and phone from 8.30am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
  • We are reliable and fully committed to responsible lending practices.

When used responsibly, our loan service can be very convenient to solve your cash trouble. You may want to understand the options available to you before getting a cash advance.

*Available solely to our Returning clients, on an invitation-only basis and are still subject to standard eligibility, lending and affordability criteria.