How to Save a Few Dollars Everyday

How to Save a Few Dollars Everyday

Start Carpooling

If one of your colleagues lives nearby, you could start carpooling to and from work – given current petrol prices, carpooling could save you both tens of dollars every week, depending how far from work you reside.

Skip The Daily Coffee

This money-saving technique may sound extreme, especially if you are a big caffeine addict like me, but often the simplest things can make a bit change. If you must have a hot cup of coffee in the morning, perhaps you could have one at home before leaving for work, or if you are constantly on the go, have homemade coffee from a thermo cup on the way to work.

Stay in This Weekend

Now that the winter is almost here and it’s freezing outside, staying in has never looked more appealing – it is both cheaper and warmer! Think of the money (and morning headache) you can save and stock up on DVDs, popcorn and invite friends over.

Sell Something Online

Start saving as early as you can Whatever it is you want to save towards, the earlier you start, the earlier you could have the needed sum. Even if all you can put aside today is a few dollars, do it!

Don’t Keep up With The Jones’ and Their Electronics

While some people cannot say “”No”” to buying the latest gadget, it doesn’t mean you should buy it too just to keep up with them. Often, the excitement of having the latest iThing does not last as long as the feeling of guilt after spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on something you could live without.
Make Lunch at HomeOne of the easiest ways of saving tens of dollars a week that you could try as soon as today, is bringing homemade lunch to work. All it takes is planning ahead so you can buy the needed ingredients, and a few minutes of your time to make a few snacks. And of course, don’t forget to have your daily fruit and veges!

Track Spending For a Week

Something that has personally helped me get my spending under control, was tracking ALL expenses for a period of time. Start writing down every single expense for a week – seeing how much you spend on inessential items – such as takeaways and entertainment – may truly shock you! That way, you should hopefully be able to review your budget and save more cash.There are many little things you could start doing as soon as today to start saving money – it’s good to know you have a nest egg to fall back on in an event of a short-term cash emergency. However, if you don’t, remember that payday loans NZ from Payday Advance can be a fast and convenient way of getting extra money so you can get through to next pay.

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.