Cheap activities for the school holidays

Cheap activities for the school holidays

Parenting is challenging, even more so during the school holidays when the children have little or no school work. Keeping them occupied is a challenge for many parents. Their small attention span makes matters worse, and when they don’t find an activity to do, boredom sets in. This may lead to some parents spending hefty sums, all in the name of keeping the children busy during the school holidays. However, one does not have to take this route, there are cheaper options that can be utilised. Here are five ways to entertain your children for free:

Going into the library

There are a lot of activities that kids can engage in while in the library, they can read story books, can watch educational documentaries, films and even movies. All you have to do is be on the lookout, know when the local library has events for children. You won’t spend anything to get your children here, and they will have fun.

Playing with pets and animals

Most children like playing with pets and animals. If you don’t have pets in your house, take them to a pet store, here they will have an opportunity to spend some time with them, play and have lots of fun. They will not only be having fun but can gain skills on pet handling and also socialising with other children.

A walk in the park

Local parks provide children with time outdoors, here they can engage in a variety of activities. As a parent you can also take the opportunity to engage in their activities.

Making toys and playing with them

You can teach your kids how to make play toys such as kites. With all the do-it-yourself videos on YouTube, you can make just any about type of toy; engage children in this activity. They will have fun making the toys, learning the ropes and enjoy playing with them.

Spend some time at the beach.

Beaches provide a great opportunity for children to play and also bask in the sun, all for free.

With these and many other activities, you will not only keep your children engaged during the holidays but will save some money.


Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.