Cash in a flash

A loan from us is like getting cash in a flash!

Once our quick and easy online application form has been completed and your supporting documentation has been received by us, it usually takes us within 60 minutes to process an application.

Even though most Kiwis are generally quite good at managing their finances, it’s easy for some people to be affected by unexpected expenses that just tend to appear out of nowhere.

If you are unable to borrow from friends or family, consider turning to a trusted and responsible lender like Payday Advance.

How can I get cash in a flash?

  1. Complete our online application form.
  2. Receive a TXT message with a unique authentication code.
  3. Electronically accept the Loan Agreement and Direct Debit form.
  4. Provide your supporting documentation:
  5. At least the latest 90 days of bank statements, Valid Photo ID, Selfie, recent Proof of Address and statement of accounts for any short-term loan you wish to consolidate. We also have a secure and convenient new system that lets most users upload their bank statements directly from their Internet Banking. It’s that easy!
  6. If approved, the money will be deposited into your account overnight.

Why choose our service?

  • We try to keep your application as confidential as possible;
  • Our experienced lending team strive to process new applications within 60 minutes of receiving all required supporting documentation;
  • You choose the loan amount and number of repayments to create a loan that best suits your needs and repayment capabilities;
  • Our loans are unsecured, so you don’t risk your assets when applying with us;
  • We do not demand any security;
  • We encourage early repayments, which can save you money;
  • We are a responsible lender – with us, there will never be any hidden fees or charges.