8 Ways to Save Cash on Clothes

8 Ways to Save Cash on Clothes

Rent or borrow what you will only wear once

Going to a black-tie event or a fancy dress-up party? Don’t buy a $500 outfit that you will probably end up wearing just once – instead, consider borrowing one from a friend or renting. Just be super careful not to spill anything on it…

Buy For Your Size

As much as it can be good motivation for weight loss, don’t buy clothes for a skinnier you. Even if you do lose the weight, you don’t know if the clothes will fit you – so save your cash and buy things that look great on your current body shape/size.

Have a Clothing Swap Party

The chances are, some of your friends have just as much unwanted clothing as you – so why not swap clothes, all while enjoying drinks and each other’s company?

Alter old clothes you no longer wear.

Save money AND the environment by breathing life into the clothes that don’t suit you anymore, or are simply out of fashion: make an old pair of high waisted jeans into shorts; or cut the sleeves of a top to turn it into a singlet. Be creative!

Op Shop!

Not only can it save you hundreds of dollars, it also gives an opportunity to find unique pieces that no one else will be wearing – and often for a good cause, as some op shops are run by non-for-profit organisations, which means that money raised will go directly to their charity.

Take Good Care of Your Clothes

Try to buy clothes that do not have to be dry-cleaned – knowing that it may cost around $15 to get an item dry-cleaned, that can save you lots of cash! Always read the care labels and follow the washing, drying and ironing instructions; avoid using the tumble dryer as that often ruins clothes faster. Fold or hang after wearing to avoid having to iron more often than necessary.

Ditch The Designer Brands

According to the latest Nielsen survey, Kiwis were the least willing of any nationality group to pay more for designer goods. The survey results show only 17 per cent of New Zealand respondents would spend extra on designer products. Most chain stores copy high-fashion designs, which means you can look super fashionable without feeling guilty about your spending.

Shop at Outlet Stores

If you don’t like second hand clothing, take advantage of the many amazing outlet stores New Zealand has – especially in Auckland – for some stylish bargains. Try DressSmart (Onehunga) for all sorts of discounted clothing, accessories and shoes, Number One Shoe Outlet for great shoe bargains (Glen Innes, Onehunga; Petone), Lee Outlet Store (Ponsonby) for some denim goodness – or do your own research!Knowing you have saved a few extra dollars is always a great feeling, especially when it goes towards an emergency fund for the future. But if you have been affected by an expense and you don’t have any savings to cover it, consider applying for a cash loan from Payday Advance.

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Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.