6 Ways You’re Wasting Money at Home Every Day

6 Ways You’re Wasting Money at Home Every Day

Are you always falling short of cash until payday? It may because you are making a few small financial mistakes on the daily. Whether you are making these mistakes subconsciously or unknowingly, reduce the following money wasting habits and you could find yourself a few hundred dollars richer every month!

Losing spare change
It’s no use under the couch or seat of your car. Collecting spare change takes minimal effort and every little bit adds up. After a few months you could have yourself an emergency fund for those times when you’re hit with unexpected expenses or are strapped for cash until your next payday.

Buying all your vegetables
A small vege garden can save you a lot on groceries. Grow low maintenance; everyday veges such as lettuce, tomatoes and spinach- all free from those nasty pesticides. Even easier, grow some of your favourite herbs. It’s as simple as having a few pots on your kitchen bench!

Using a default wash cycle
Minimize the use of your default washing cycle and choose a cold wash instead. Cold washing can wash clothes just as well and uses significantly less power than hot washes! Vampire energy

You probably have a vampire in your kitchen or lounge sucking the electricity from your home. Many common appliances are contributing to your power bill even when they are not in use. Turn appliances such as tvs, game consoles, stereos and computer equipment off at the wall to save on your power bill. Other notorious energy consumers include;

Heated towel rails– On average costs $170 per year to run

Old energy deficient fridge’s– Could cost you up to $200 a year to run

To see how much your appliances are costing you visit this website. Over -using your dishwasher
Every dishwashing cycle costs you. If you’re using your dishwasher many times a week, the convenience may be costing you a lot more than necessary. Here’s how much an average dishwasher will cost you per week;

2 washes per week- $21.15

6 washes per week- $63.46

To decrease your number of cycles always wait until your dishwasher is full and hand wash large items such as pots and pans.

Trying to keep up with the Jones’s
Stop buying material items to impress others, including material items for your home. Art and decorative items do not serve any function, they only add to the look and feel of your home. Kmart has a great collection of home decor for a fraction of the price compared to other furniture and homeware stores!

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.