4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Every Month

4 Ways to Earn Extra Cash Every Month

You’re probably a busy, hardworking individual and after the daily grind the last thing you feel like doing is more work. Earning extra money does not necessarily mean you have to do extra ‘work’; there are simple tasks and activities that allow you to earn more with minimal effort. So here are 4 of the most effortless ways to make extra money every month.

Market Research
There are many market research companies that need your assistance, and they are willing to pay generously. Completing surveys may be the last thing you feel like doing with your spare time, but with a pay of up to $50 a session, a couple of hours of your weekend doesn’t seem too bad! The survey itself is only a small part of the session; the remainder is assigned to testing products and viewing advertisements. Often, you can complete the survey online in your own time (within 24 hours). Earn cash, shopping vouchers, reward points and even free products.

Be careful of fraudulent research sites. Pay attention to company information and be sure to read the ‘about us’ sections. Legitimate websites also have detailed privacy policies for peace of mine. If market researchers are operating outside of New Zealand, it is best to steer clear of them.

Mystery Shopping
Another form of market research but with a secret spy edge! As a mystery shopper you could earn $20 – $50 per store visit. Present yourself as a regular shopper and measure the quality of customer service and sales that you receive. Some people find mystery shopping rather enjoyable; one American blogger earned a quick $19,000 (NZD) in one year from mystery shopping!

Learn to Shop Competitively
Technically this is a saving method; but considering the extra effort put in you will have definitely earnt it! Competitive shopping means extra research and a little bit of aggression. Do not buy into the first product you find or that is pitched to you! Research different prices online, visit stores or phone companies to see what deals they can provide you. If you mention another company is offering the same product for a cheaper price, you will find that many try to beat each other’s low prices!

Foreign Exchange Students
All you need is the space and facilities for one extra person. Host an overseas student temporarily and experience another culture in your own home. Hosting a student could earn you up to $300 extra per week and in return you could build some strong relationships, not to mention the possibility of some free accommodation overseas!

Disclaimer: The above information is general in nature and not intended to be advice. You should consider seeking professional advice before following any suggestions in this blog/website.