Cash loan

A cash loan is a type of a loan that is offered against the next few pay cheques.

Cash Loans from a responsible online lender

A lot has been written about short-term cash loans and many New Zealanders consider it an unaffordable, overpriced source of cash. The industry is often portrayed negatively, but some New Zealanders do not realise that such lenders as Payday Advance are fully registered, compliant with all laws and are following a strict responsible lending policy.

Of course, such loans can be more expensive than borrowing from a family member or a friend, but when there are no other more traditional options left, an appropriately used emergency cash loan can undoubtedly be a good way of fixing a mid-monthly or mid-weekly financial crisis caused by an unexpected expense.

Internet cash loans of up to $750

As our loans are not a long-term financial solution, the maximum number of repayments we allow is 6 if the customer is paid weekly, 3 for fortnightly, and only one if they get paid monthly. This is just one of the ways we try to ensure our loans are affordable to pay back. They are small – we lend only up to $750 based on the regular income. So say, if someone receives $350 a week, they will not be able to borrow more than $200 – as, according to our Affordability Index, lending more would not be a responsible thing to do.

Before we approve the short-term cash loan application, we do a few necessary checks to evaluate the borrower's suitability – but it is very easy to qualify as long as the person is a New Zealand resident or citizen working full-time earning more than $250 per week after tax and is at least 18 years old. So if you think that our service could be the right solution, please apply now and you could receive the money as soon as within half an hour of the final approval. Apply now!

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Cash loan
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Cash loan
Cash loan
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Cash loan
Cash loan
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Cash loan
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Cash loan
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